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How to Knit a Sock from Wool:

  1. Before you start knitting, gather all the materials you’ll need. You’ll require a set of double-pointed knitting needles, a skein of wool yarn, a tapestry needle, and a pair of scissors.
  2. Begin by casting on the required number of stitches onto three of the double-pointed needles. Divide the stitches evenly, then join to form a circle. Start knitting in a rib stitch pattern (usually knit one, purl one), continuing for a few inches to create the sock’s cuff.
  3. Transition to knitting in the round using the knit stitch. Continue knitting until you’ve reached the desired length for the sock’s leg. You can customize the length based on your preference.
  4. To shape the heel, you’ll work with half of the stitches. Follow a heel flap pattern that involves alternating between knit and purl rows. Once the flap is complete, turn the heel by creating short rows. Then, pick up stitches along the sides of the heel flap to create the gusset.
  5. Continue knitting the stitches you picked up for the gusset, shaping the foot of the sock. When you’ve reached the desired foot length, it’s time to knit the toe. This is typically done by decreasing stitches gradually until you have just a few stitches left. Use the Kitchener stitch to close the toe seamlessly. Once the toe is complete, bind off the stitches, cut the yarn, and weave in the ends using a tapestry needle.
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“Soft as a whisper, warm as a hug – that’s the essence of wool.”

“Wool: Nature’s Embrace of Comfort and Elegance.”

“Wool: Where Tradition and Texture Converge in Cozy Harmony.”
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